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Rob Smith rob.smith at lexjet.com
Wed Aug 2 07:40:35 CDT 2006

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Thought so. It's just bizarre that it would work the first time and not
the second. 

I don't really have a tip to provide, but more of a tool I built and
according to UPS' developers, it's the best thing on the market that is
available; meaning they can't give me the finite secrets of proper
shipping logistics. After a long winded introduction,

We're trying to find the customers' closest warehouse. We have a cached
preset ranking in our database, but it can get ugly adding a new
warehouse. I wasn't about to update 12,000 records by hand, so I built a
multi-warehouse zip code calculator. I basically took the 2000 US
Census, all the zip codes, all their longitudes and latitudes, combined
the zip codes of our warehouse locations and all locations by our
customers. It calculates, using trigonometry, the distance to and from
every customer to every warehouse, sorts the findings, and stores it
back into the database. Mapping the entire US takes about an hour. It
comes in especially handy when we add new warehouses. I can at least
point you in the right direction if and when you need something like
this for your clients. 

Ah but there's a catch, which is why I contacted UPS. I'll simply say
that UPS trucks don't fly...at least yet.

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