[thelist] MySQL Batch File issues on Win2K3 server

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Thu Aug 3 08:47:32 CDT 2006

Anthony replied-
> No space between the -p and the supplied password...
> e.g. -pxxx
> -- 

Thanks Anthony, so simple I feel stupid. I reread the online MySQL
manual and found the same reference this morning after re-googling.

<tip type="MySQL" author="Ron">
Trying to import a CSV generated from output from an AS/400 or some
other source that includes column headers in the first line that you
don't want, using a Batch command? In MySQL, stripping the headers out
can be accomplished pretty easily by adding the following line:



ignore N lines

Where N is the number of lines, from the beginning, to skip.

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