[thelist] Multiple Clipboard Utilities for Windows XP

Jono jono at charlestonwebsolutions.com
Thu Aug 3 18:46:23 CDT 2006

> I haven't tried playing around with the features so I'm not sure how
> well it matches the OP's requirements, but I use Clipboard Buddy and I'm
> quite happy with it:
> http://www.iquesoft-online.com/clipbuddy.htm

Thank you for the recommendations thus far.  I am currently trying M8 Free
Multi Clipboard 9.51:


So far it has been OK, the features are nice, but I am experiencing problems
with windows resizing automatically after using Multi Clipboard and a few
crashes.  Since restarting Windows things have been a bit more stable.

I think I will uninstall M8 Multi Clipboard 9.51 and give Clipboard Buddy,
ClipMate, or 3dclipboard a try.

I was really hoping to find one that also handles files/folders like

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