[thelist] Site check - http://www.megabitz.net/devcss1/ (3 column CSS)

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Sat Aug 5 18:48:50 CDT 2006

My business partner has gone from "zero to sixty" on CSS in about a week.
After a few rounds of fix-the-incompatible browser, I'm impressed with the
results.  It's a three-column layout that is usable in every browser I've
been able to throw at it, works with images off and even maintains a decent
order of presentation in lynx.  Passes W3C validation for HTML 4.01 Strict
and the W3C CSS validator.  It's not as quick as we'd like, and that's a

Bottom line, he's captured a lot of glitch-fixes from various sources and
distilled them into one page; we'd be delighted to get some feedback from
Evolt.  If it saves anyone the hassles we've had, so much the better.

(There are some relative links that we know won't work from this development
page; those are not at issue.)


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