[thelist] Python: Basic Startup Kit Recommendations?

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Mon Aug 14 02:56:01 CDT 2006

I'm pretty well of a mind to pick up Python. This is my first day of 
investigation, and I'm astounded by the huge ecosystem that surrounds it. I 
have a number of questions that probably should be on a FAQ, but I haven't 
found them. I'll explain my goals and needs, perhaps someone here will have 
some recommendations

1) I want to write high-level apps that are cross-platform: Linux, Mac, 
Windows.  I know there are apps that can convert to Linux or Windows as 
stand-alone executables, is there also one that will permit me to convert 
to MacOSX?

2) I want a real and native GUI. wxPython or PyQT? My concerns are about 
cross-platform, responsiveness of GUI. I suspect that this will be one of 
the gravest issues for the long run.

3) Can someone recommend a good framework that will enable me to keep 
things well sorted out, and easy to maintain as my apps grow? (I'm 
considering MVC, but have no idea how to apply it).

4)  There are a lot of books and tutorials out there, but they are of the 
proof-of-concept type. Specifically, a tutorial might teach me Hello World, 
but not really care about the framework, because it's a very simple item, 
and the point is simply to get me coding. I'd like to start off with a 
reputable system whose habits I can ingrain from day one, rather than 
figure it out later. Can someone recommend a good book, or your favourite 
tutorials? Perhaps even one that assumes MVC as the framework?

5) Following the above, is there a framework that assumes tcp/ip udp 
networking, database connectivity? My first app will be in large part a 
networkable database type app where two or more users can share the same 
file concurrently.

6)  Since I've been a web-developer for a long time, I never properly 
learned OOP. Recommended tutorials?

7)  Finally, what is your favourite IDE? I'm considering theKompany.com's 
BlackAdder, Komodo or Eclipse.


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