[thelist] Ibox javascript problem

Juan Manuel Lucero listas at innovaestudio.com.ar
Mon Aug 14 18:54:55 CDT 2006


While testing ibox (http://www.ibegin.com/blog/p_ibox.html) a javascript
lightbox mod, seems that when testing the site in my machine workd, but when
uploaded to the server does not. I've tested the site on two different
servers but same behavior on both.

Test page is on http://www.semiosis.com.ar/inicio.htm
I can see the black layer on top but it never loads the big image.

Any ideas?



Juan Manuel Lucero
Innova Comunicacion Visual
Te: +54 351 480 08 53
skype: juanmanuel-innova
msn: juanmanuel at innovaestudio.com.ar 

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