[thelist] Ibox javascript problem

Lee kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 15 04:01:40 CDT 2006

On 15/08/06, Juan Manuel Lucero <listas at innovaestudio.com.ar> wrote:
> Hi,
> Test page is on http://www.semiosis.com.ar/inicio.htm
> I can see the black layer on top but it never loads the big image.
> Any ideas?

Ibox.js doesn't even parse on my machine.  You have this:

var strHTML = "{snip} src=\""images/+url+"\" {snip}";

I think should be: "src=\"images/" + url.

Using a good syntax highlighter would make this easier to spot.  Also,
I would have used single quotes for this string literal, so I didn't
have to escape all my double quotes, making it easier to read.


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