[thelist] question concerning c# dynamically changing whatisinapicturebox

Lightning oktellme at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 15 13:30:13 CDT 2006

I'm trying yousendit for the first time.

This url should give you my code. If it doesn't, let me know, I will send it 
to you direct.


The code I am asking about is in form1 near bottom. It uses a method in 

This is a practice piece. I've got an eleven floor elevator (0-10), and an 
image for each floor. This routine tests to see if the floor has an elevator 
car on it. If it does, it inserts a picture of an elevator. If it doesn't, 
it uses a picture of elevator cables. I am doing this as part of a 
portfolio, so I want it to LOOK cute, too!


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> Laura
> [..]
>> >> pbxFloor0.BackgroundImage =
>> >> myElevator.CloseElevatorDoor(i).ToString();
>> >>
>> >> where pbxFloor0 is a picture box, and
>> >> myElevator.CloseElevatorDoor(i).ToString() returns an image name.
>> >>
>> >> The error message says "BackgroundImage denotes a property where a
>> >> method was expected".
>> >>
>> >> I tried to hardcode the image name, and got the sqame message.
>> >>
>> >> What am I doing wrong?
> If you get the same error when you hardcode the value, you know that bad
> input is not causing the problem. Taking a look at the error message, it
> seemss to tell you two things: you are using BackgroundImage as a
> property, and BackgroundImage is actually a method. This may mean that
> either the declaration of BackgroundImage is incorrect, or your usage of
> it is incorrect. Did you produce the custom class yourself? If so, take
> a look at your declaration of BackgroundImage. If not, look at the
> documentation for the usage of BackgroundImage. Post the code, if you're
> in any doubt.
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