[thelist] Background text not showing up in FireFox

Lee kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 16 04:33:08 CDT 2006

On 16/08/06, Robert Vreeland <vreeland at studioframework.com> wrote:
> Please look at the following site :
> http://peasephotography.com/live/index.php
> On the home page, in the background should be a large section of text. It
> shows up in IE, but not in FireFox. I suspect it is a css error, the style
> sheet is located at http://peasephotography.com/live/pease.css and the <div>
> in question is id="bgtext".
> Any thoughts?

You have a z-index:-1 on bgtext that I think you don't need.  As your
bgtext is first in the document, it will automatically be behind
subsequently specified content with intersecting coordinates in the
same plane.

Imagine you have a pile of transparent plastic sleeves, a z-index
value would reference one of those sleeves (the lowest z-index at the
bottom of the pile).  If you add an element to a sleeve, it goes on
top of any elements already in that sleeve.  In Firefox, your body
element is in sleeve 0 and your bgtext is in sleeve -1, you won't be
able to see bgtext because the background of the body element is not

Of course, IE is different (Up to v6 at least), the body element seems
to always go under your pile of sleeves.


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