[thelist] Marking a site as "sensitive" but not "adult"

Brian Cummiskey brian at hondaswap.com
Wed Aug 16 22:25:38 CDT 2006

Jose Hurtado wrote:
> "Our website tries to illustrate the horrors of the Holocaust, many
> images can be quite disturbing and may be unsuitable for a young
> audience. Click here to enter the site."
I agree with this. 
> On 8/16/06, Dominick Cancilla <dominick.cancilla at buckconsultants.com> wrote:
>> My client has vague memories of meta tag that you can use to mark sensitive
>> content for the search engines. He doesn't want to mark the content as
>> "adult" (because it's not porn and he doesn't want to be blocked by
>> libraries and such), just not for kids.
Dom, there are "meta"-like tags that can be placed on a page to notify 
search engines (that support it) of the content level.

check out this site:

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