[thelist] OT: Weird Windows problem

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Thu Aug 17 03:39:23 CDT 2006

Hi all

OK so Windows problems aren’t exactly rare in their nature but this one is a
little odd... I’ve just taken delivery of an Asus Vintage 2 barebone system
running XP SP2 Home... It’s the second one I’ve had and the first was

With this one, however, when the machine first boots up the first window
opened gets stuck in a loop switching between restored and maximised window
size... And it does it fast too... It looks like it’s trying to escape from
the monitor... After closing that window (using ALT + F4 because it’s
impossible to catch the close button) everything is fine

Wouldn’t mind figuring out what’s going on as I know the customer will raise

As this is waaay OT i’ve included a tip... Those its usefulness may be
limited :)

<tip author="Dan Parry" type="Mobile administration">
Ever been out somewhere away from a computer and had an emergency call to
fix a problem on the server? Well, me neither as it happens, but it might

For this there is PocketPutty[0]; an SSH client that runs on Windows Mobile
and provides full SSH/2 and Telnet capabilities... It’s also Open Source

[0] http://www.pocketputty.net

Dan Parry
Senior Developer
Virtua Webtech Ltd
0845 1081 302


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