[thelist] OT: Weird Windows problem

jason.handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Thu Aug 17 04:20:40 CDT 2006

Hi Dan,

> OK so Windows problems aren't exactly rare in their nature 

I'm running Windows XP here, and I can't remember the last time I had a
significant Windows problem. So I'd say they were getting rarer these
days... :-)

> With this one, however, when the machine first boots up the 
> first window opened gets stuck in a loop switching between 
> restored and maximised window size... And it does it fast 
> too... It looks like it's trying to escape from the 
> monitor... After closing that window (using ALT + F4 because 
> it's impossible to catch the close button) everything is fine

Could it be a keyboard problem? Have you tried swapping to a different
keyboard and mouse?

What is the first window that opens -- is it a specific application? Any
clues as to why that application in particular might be having trouble?

Has it done this from the minute you first booted into Windows? Or is it
since you installed something?

If you installed Windows yourself, have you tried reinstalling? If it
came preinstalled you could send back the machine?


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