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Kenneth gknnth at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 04:56:04 CDT 2006

Am I going to stick around and troll? Or am I going to contribute? Well gee, I don't know. What does a contribution consist of? I surely wouldn't want to have an opinion that wasn't nerd party line. That wouldn't be nice would it? No. J>E translator are paid crapola because of monolinguistic perceived value. Overpaid web designers are overpaid because of nerd perceived value. Who's right? Your value or mine? I think my value is equal to yours regardless. And my selection process was as rigorous as time and money allowed. Unequivocally so.   

"jason.handby" <jason.handby at corestar.co.uk> wrote:  Hi Kenneth,

Welcome to the list. Are you going to stick around and contribute? Or
are you going to troll and move on? :-)

> What do you expect? Market forces _must_ prevail. This 
> is the Internet and the world is shrinking in case you 
> haven't heard and the Internet gives us small fry the chance 
> to shop around for the very best deal -- regardless of 
> borders or a bunch of flag waving stupidity.

Perhaps market forces is the reason that people will only

> pay Japanese English 
> translators with 25 years of experience $.25/ a word to 
> translate 25 pages of technical software documents or $3000 
> to translate an ENTIRE 300-page book to English

This might be crapola, but it's market-forces-created crapola. I guess
there must be a lot of Japanese English translators in the world.

> The J > E translator should be the one getting the 
> $3000 for a few translation burps. 

But Kenneth, market forces must prevail, remember? How can you talk
about "should"? With market forces there is no "should".

> Running a small business takes 
> money. My money. My very, very very hard earned money. And I 
> have no, no intention of wasting any more of it on sloppy 
> coding subservice. Period. 

I entirely sympathize with you. And of course you are welcome to spend
your very hard earned money wherever you like. I'm sorry to hear that
your experience of American coders has been so negative. (I'm a British
coder so of course I wouldn't know about that :-) ) There are bad
coders in the world. And lazy ones.

Perhaps a more careful selection / briefing process would help next
time? Some of the people on this list might be able to give you
suggestions of good questions you could ask during the selection
process, if that would help you.


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