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Kenneth gknnth at yahoo.com
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And what, pray tell is a "troll"? So I express my frank opinion and I live under a bridge or something? A bit pompous don't you think? I'm expressing a frank opinion about some cry babies that were moaning and groaning about coders in India taking their jobs because I've been on the receiving end of substandard garbage coders that advertised themselves as hot shot hooey. Code-monkeys you call them? At least your insight makes clear the difference between a monkey and one that's not. If these moaners can mumble and grumble on the Internet about smart people in India taking their precious jobs they should expect alternative opinions. And I'm sure I'll get lots that don't agree with mine. That's life.    

Chris at globet.com wrote:  Kenneth

> Is it my fault that I didn't evaluate properly? 

Yes. If you're not in a position to properly evaluate required resources
for a business requirement then you need to hire someone who does.

> Snark. Is it 
> the coder's fault that they advertise blah blah that they can 
> do the job and deliver the deliverables then crap out? I did 
> evaluate and evaluate and evaluate numerous coders and they 
> were generally all the same. 

Part of the problem is that you're not differentiating between junior
code-monkeys and senior architects - or indeed anyone in between. A
junior code-monkey will almost always overstate their skillset and
experience in order to get a job that will a) pay them money in the
short term if they're lazy code-monkeys, or b) allow them to expand
their skillset if they're ambitious code-monkeys. A senior architect
will charge a lot of money, as they have a wealth of experience in how
to design an appropriate system for your requirements and delegate the
coding to previously mentioned code-monkeys. You may require someone in

> What? I'm a stupid moran because 
> I can't cystal ball gaze? 

I doubt that you're a moron if you've been running a successful business
for so long. Perhaps, though, you need to make changes to your business
processes to accommodate a changing IT industry. Also bear in mind that
all it takes to produce an awe-inspiring CV is a word-processor and
access to the internet. You probably don't believe everything you read
in the newspapers - the same goes for CVs. Look for genuine references
from authoritative sources.

> And no. You don't deserve $100 an 
> hour. That's your problem. Your opinion of yourself. 

That's your opinion, which you're perfectly entitled to hold. This is
not the forum to express it. I'm pretty sure that you're a troll, but
giving you the benfit of the doubt you can have my professional views
(above) for free. I hope that they're of some use to you.

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