[thelist] OT: Best PDA or Smartphone for Work and Getting ThingsDone!

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 08:57:59 CDT 2006


Good point... that is why I was seriously considering the cheaper Palm
models, like the Z22 or even the Palm Tungsten E2.

You are right, even the "meager" 32 megs of the Z22 might be good
enough and for $99 USA is very, very cheap.

I am copying your comment and mine to the list... since this might be
useful for many more people.

I actually considered using a very small paper-organizer, but quickly
grew tired of it, inputting everything twice is not worth the
effort... the Palm is much better!

Best Regards,

Jose L. Hurtado
Web Designer / IT Professional
Toronto, Canada

On 8/16/06, Paul Bennett <Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz> wrote:
> Hi Jose ,
> I run a Palm Zire 21. It's absolutely fine for normal use - I got it for
> $90 NZD (around $55-60USD) which made it an absolute bargain.
> It's over a year old and still looks & functions fine - I never had any
> problems.
> Things I do with it daily / near daily:
> - Organise appointments, reminders (duh)
> - Alarm for getting me up in the morning (it's small enough to sit under
> my pillow and get me up without disturbing the wife or kids)
> - alarm for reading short and long-term goals
> - to-do-list for prioritising goals
> - Take study notes whilst travelling on a commuter train
> - Read books courtesy of *Plucker and **Project Guttenberg
> - Keep my journal up to date
> - play games (it's amazing what's out there for free)
> - look up addresses / phone numbers (it's the only authoritative and easy
> to find source in my household)
> So long as you're not wanting sound / video it's amazing what you can do
> with a measly 6Mb. Don't be too sucked into the whiz-bang bells and whistles
> - you won't really need them if your primary goal is to get organised.
> Paul
> * http://www.plkr.org/
> ** http://www.gutenberg.org/catalog/

Best Regards,

Jose L. Hurtado
Web Designer / IT Professional
Toronto, Canada

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