[thelist] question concerningc#dynamicallychangingwhatisinapicturebox

Chris at globet.com Chris at globet.com
Thu Aug 17 09:11:18 CDT 2006

Laura et al

> Not sure if this will help,
> But looking through some SDK examples I noticed two potential 
> differences.
> 1. Use the full path to the file, ex.
> 	@"c:some\path\to\image\image.bmp"

Having looked at the implementation for the Bitmap constructor being
used, Path.GetFullPath(filename) is called within the constructor. Thus,
I think a relative path may suffice. Have you tried:

Bitmap bgImage = new Bitmap(@"Images\ClosedDoor.gif");

> 2. Add boolean true after the image path, ex.
> 	 Bitmap bgImage = new Bitmap(@"c:\Images\ClosedDoor.bmp", true);

The second argument just specifies that Image Colour Management be used.


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