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Dan McCullough dan.mccullough at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 13:17:58 CDT 2006

Dont do that!  You'll give him another thread to start in 3 three
years about his failed business etiquette.

On 8/17/06, Casey Crookston <caseyc at intellisoftmn.com> wrote:
> Thanks.  That is good advie.  I'll forward it to the guy who started the
> thread.
> <tip type="Personal and Business Etiquette">
> There is an old adage that states "Be careful of the toes you step on
> today; they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow".
> When you are riled up about something, and feel the need to fire off an
> inflammatory/insulting/vitriolic, etc. email, go ahead and compose it.
> Then save it as a draft, and don't look at it for at least a half-hour.
>  Read over it again once you've collected yourself, and chances are
> you'll find a few things you want to re-word or tone down, or you may
> find that it's not useful to send your message at all.
> Giving yourself a "cooling off" period gives you a better chance of
> getting your point across, or finding the information you're looking
> for, without causing yourself to look like an ass in front of an
> audience of several hundred of your peers (for example).
> </tip>
> Take Care,
> Seth
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