[thelist] OT: Best PDA or Smartphone for Work and Getting ThingsDone!

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 15:31:55 CDT 2006


Just to end the thread... I chose the Palm TX it is just great, especially
WiFi access and the screen is beautiful.

These reviews below are pretty good, and I have already tested it in a local

And I do prefer to have the PDA separate from the phone.

So, on the phone camp, after a while, I decided for the new Sony Ericson
Walkman phones, they include a very good MP3 player, a decent 2MP camera,
and a very good phone in a reasonably small package.  A couple links here:

Sony Ericson w810i

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Best Regards,

Jose L. Hurtado
Web Designer / IT Professional
Toronto, Canada

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