[thelist] PHP require_once links not working?

Noah St. Amand noah at tookish.net
Thu Aug 17 19:53:18 CDT 2006

Pringle, Ron wrote (8/17/06 5:17 PM):
> If I try placing the page outside of the directory and include that directory in the path name, it gives me a blank screen.

It sounds like PHP isn't displaying errors, which is why you get a blank 
screen rather than an error message that tells you what's going wrong.

Not displaying errors is good practice on a production server, but 
during development you probably want them on.

Have a look here for information:


As for the actual problem you're encountering, it definitely sounds like 
a path issue. Once you see what the error is, I think you'll have a much 
easier time sorting it out.


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