[thelist] OT: Best PDA or Smartphone for Work and GettingThings Done!

Chris Herrnberger chris123 at magma.ca
Fri Aug 18 07:43:52 CDT 2006

On Friday 18 August 2006 06:30, Julian Voelcker wrote:
> HTC Universal

Unfortunately you cannot get these in Canada. In our beloved land we are 
regulated by the CRTC (dont ask) which basically allows phone companies to 
operate. As the population is small in relative terms to market size, the 
CRTC allows phone companys to single source products. What does this mean.? 
Simply this, you must buy a phone from a specific vendor and the phone has 
been programmed to operate only with that vendor. Change companies cause you 
dont like the plan, you buy a new phone. Currently on phone number 5..:)

The best combination by far is the BlackBerry and I dont use it for email. 
There are a ton of apps out there, mostly network centric as this is the 
central design of RIM's product line (they started out as corporate toy 
company..:)). In short it meets or exceeds all of your requirements except 
stylus input. 

A little exploration on google should give you a good idea of its capabilites 
and third party application support. 

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