[thelist] anyone using dojo toolkit?

sam foster potatosculptor at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 16:36:58 CDT 2006

I'm using it on a couple of projects. It's a powerful library. It can
be tuned to perform very well. And its very modular so you can pick
and choose which bit you want, and pull in or write your own code for
other functionality. A couple of "real" applications that use it are
jot.com, and renkoo.com. It is much wider in scope than Prototype or
YUI (just for example) and developing fast. My only hesitation in
recommending it is that some areas are maturing before your eyes, so
as fast as you adopt and integrate certain pieces, they have been
improved, and your bugs fixed in the SVN trunk. It has some great
features (some you wont find anywhere else) but it is at version 0.31.
If it does something you need, go for it. If you love javascript -
definately check it out. Otherwise you might wait or look elsewhere.


On 6/1/06, Zhang Weiwu <zhangweiwu at realss.com> wrote:
> Hello. I am very interested in the dojo toolkit. However I got no way to
> tell its stability level and speed.
> Is there any web application used dojo and function fine (in REAL web
> application development)? Or has any one on this list used it and share us
> with the experience (stable? flexible? can we use it on a real business
> application?)

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