[thelist] Problem with Mozilla AJAX response

Mohsen Saboorian mohsens at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 23:54:07 CDT 2006

Thank you Robert, sure it can be inspected by DOM inspector, but since
I'm using an anonymous method for AJAX response (using jQuery), the
object is not added to window object. Anyway, I'm still able to
inspect it using FireBug.

Matt, I didn't said innerHTML for XML, I said "innerHTMLish", meaning
something like xml property for IE. I doubt if it is in DOM standard,
but then there would be a lack in standards, IMHO.

Mozilla has textContent property for all node objects (similar to
innerText for IE), but there is no proper property for accessing the
full XML-like content of a node.
You should traverse recursively on each node, extracting its name, and
node value, which is not an easy job!

Suppose that your response is an XHTML, but you only want a part of
that. When you finally find the node, there is no way to extract its
content in Mozilla/FF.


On 8/20/06, Robert Vreeland <vreeland at studioframework.com> wrote:
> I tried FireFox Dom inspector on a site I did using AJAX to swap in and out
> some images. Admittedly, it uses responseText (which may be the difference),
> but it still showed the changes in the Dom Inspector. So I don't think the
> Dom inspector cares how the object is added to the DOM. Are you trying to
> view the object before it is attached / added to the DOM?
> Robert Vreeland
> StudioFramework
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> I don't think it would be possible, since DOM inspector only works for HTML,
> or whatever XUL application you load in FF workspace.
> My problem is about an object returned from AJAX http (responseXML). I tried
> FireBug, but there was no proper property available.
> Thanks.

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