[thelist] Any form wizards here?

Michael Sprague fuzzy2k at pacbell.net
Mon Sep 11 16:59:49 CDT 2006

Try to backstop a site that is using this snippet, with the rest of the code (not included here) and need to know if what this appears to me to do is what it actually does.
This is from a Tell a Friend form on a site I need to help supervise, and appears to mail to the values input by the user successfully.
Further, the name0 at domain1.dom appears in the cc list on a mail received from this, but name1 at domain2.dom does not.  Am I misunderstanding what the purpose of the system_mailto is, or is there not enough info here to decipher that?  I am presuming that it is a built in from some sort of back end package.
>From what is shown here, how would you presume that the form behaves? ie, what does this look like it wants to do, if anything, besides send the info to the friend(s)?

<FORM action=/advdev/forms/formupdate.asp method=post>
<INPUT type=hidden value=send name=action> 
<INPUT type=hidden value="Lame Site!  Chuck it out." name=system_subject> 
<INPUT type=hidden value=name0 at domain1.dom name=system_mailto> 
<INPUT type=hidden value="name0 at domain1.dom" name=system_mailcc> 
<INPUT type=hidden value=nnnnnnnnn name=system_contentid> 
<INPUT type=hidden value=name1 at domain2.dom name=system_mailto> 
<INPUT type=hidden value="nnnnnn" name=system_advisorid> 
<INPUT type=hidden value="</siteaddress>" name=hidden_url> 
<INPUT type=submit value="Send Message"> 
<INPUT type=reset value="Clear Form"> 
<INPUT type=hidden value="nnnnnn" name=xxxxxxxxx> 
Thanks very much.  Any help or pointers to where I might decipher this on my own is appreciated.  I have never been much of a back end guy. Maybe it's time to work on that...
P.S.  Some of the info has been changed to amuse the guilty, and disguise the site ID.
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