[thelist] US Judge rules that ADA applies to websites

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Sep 12 15:49:02 CDT 2006

alan herrell - the head lemur, (and accessibility guy extraordinare),

>>Can you also be absolutely sure that your client  has not hired
somebody with 
>>a challenge, under the anti-discrimination and ADA statutes? 
>>Putting you square in the cross hairs.

Hi Alan,

An excellent and all too often, IMO, ignored point!

I was building some eXtranet applications a while back to allow very
customer to track the orders (and shipments) they place with us.  I was 
terrified of the potential liability should one of those customers
a alternatively-enabled person who might have trouble accessing _my_

Whew!  I'm still grateful to the folks here who helped me improve the 
accessibility of that effort.


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