[thelist] UFO fails with latest flash version

Olivier Percebois-Garve percebois at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 16:15:23 CDT 2006

thanks for you answers guys
I know about SWFObjects, but I thought it was pretty much equivalent to UFO.
I'll need to get the hand on our comp that are experiencing the bug (Its 
seem only to occur on the very last versions).

I'm a fresh employee, and as integrator I implemented UFO on a few sites 
since July, and we noticed the issue last week,
reported by a client and experienced by our flasher that was just hired, 
and wo installed on his computer the latest flash.

We solve the issue by coming back to the ieupdate.js script, coz our 
initial concern was that "thick border" around flash applets,
that we needed to remove.

I really prefer to use something like  SWFobject or UFO, because of the 
cleaner, XHTML compliant markup,
but I need to understand the issue, else I gonna  to run into trouble if 
my flash integration risks to break at any update of flash...

I was quite surprise I could not found any information on this, don't 
feel the flash guys kinda concerned by such question ?

John Dowdell wrote:
> Olivier Percebois-Garve wrote:
>> Any of you using "ufo"  a javascript made by Bobby Van der Sluis
>> for better Flash integration.
>> It now fails with the latest flash versions.
>> Anybody experiences that ? is there a know fix ?
> I've heard a lot of positive mentions of Bobby's UFO scripts recently, 
> and believe I would have heard if others had problems with the version 
> change last June. Perhaps there's a difference in implementation on a 
> particular site you're seeing...?
> http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/ufo/
> (Speaking of which, did you know that half the web now has just-in-time 
> compilation of ECMAScript and ECMAScript for XML (E4X) support? Amazing.
> http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/?p=498 )
> jd

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