[thelist] initial site check: http://IntranetIntelligence.com/

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Sep 14 17:14:35 CDT 2006

> Hey Joel, the layout totally breaks apart at 800x600.

yeah, it's been pointed out :) [quite tactfully, considering what a
dopey mistake *that* was]

as I mentioned in a less noticeable follow-up to this message, it's not
ready. I was hasty in posting this request. fortunately, I've gotten
some good feedback I can incorporate into fixing the existing dumbitudes
in the site

> The images should either be improved, or you could emphasize 
> the graininess,
> sort of like older newspaper photos.  

exactly; that's really the direction, but I'm going to focus on the look
and feel after I get the basic technical dumbness out of the way

> Font accessibility purists would probably disagree, but IMHO 
> Times New Roman
> on the screen at default sizes makes the site look amateurish, kinda
> 1996ish.  Maybe tweak the size a bit, or try another more 
> common serif font,
> e.g. Georgia, as the base.

I admit to being font-challenged, as in, I have my favorites, and tend
to see every problem as a nail 'cause I own a hammer. much to be
considered here in fontland, I agree.

> Rather like the varied font sizes in the "true power of 
> information" block.
> Kinda garish, in an attactive, old-style newspaper sort of 
> way.  That's what
> made me think that the design images might be *more* grainy.

glad that came through. and didn't just look like an accident in a
typesetting room.

> $0.02.

y'know, if that were Euros instead of $ . . .

I appreciate the cents. and sense.

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