[thelist] user interface widget: ordered selection list: do any UI library has this widget?

张韡武 zhangweiwu at realss.com
Mon Oct 9 08:59:11 CDT 2006

Hello. I am looking for a library or codesnip that can provide this user
interface widget that I call "Ordered Selection List"

Unlike normal <select>, an ordered selection list let user select items
and also order the sequence of selected entry. An "ordered selection
list" might be looking like this:

    SELECT FROM HERE                 TO HERE
+-----------------------+         +-----------------------+
|   select option A     |         |                       |
|   select option B     |  [ => ] |   select option C     | [  up  ]
| > select option D <   |         | > select option E <   | 
|   select option G     |  [ <= ] |   select option F     | [ down ]
|   select option H     |         |                       | 
+-----------------------+         +-----------------------+

This is how to use it: 
     I. if the user click [ => ] button, "select option D" disappear
        from the first selection list and appear in the second selection
        list. If the user click [ <= ] button, "select option E"
        disappear from right selection list and appear in the left
        selection list.
    II. if the user click [ up ] button, "select option E" become the
        first selected option, if click [ down ] button, "select option
        E" become the last selected item.

I don't know how such user interface tool/element/widget is often
called, so I call it "ordered selection list". I read that some people
call such thing "buildlist" which is probably not commonly used term.

A smaller version of such "ordered selection list" might be looking like
just a normal selection list but allow user to drap and drop select
options to re-order them. Such "smaller" widget can only used by
experienced user (who knows how to drag and drop) and can only be used
when the select option is less then 100 items (otherwise too difficult
to drag and drop).

Please let me know if there are good implementations of such UI
element/widget. Thank you!

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