[thelist] Autofocus usability issues tackled

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 12:03:12 CDT 2006

I have a pet peeve, which is web sites that automatically focus a
certain form field when the page has loaded. I understand the logic of
it, but more than once I found myself having already typed in half the
email - or, even worse, my password before being forcefully sent back
to the email field and delete what I entered there.

I pondered a bit how to make this functionality a bit more clever and
detect when someone already entered data before trying to focus the
field, mourned the lack of "hasfocus", had some trouble using event
handling until I remembered a lesser used property - defaultValue to
work around the issue.

Whole story and test cases how to not do autofocus and several options
to do it better at

Chris Heilmann
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