[thelist] Crossbrowser JS scrollbars

Toby toby at creativefibre.co.uk
Thu Oct 12 09:56:39 CDT 2006

Hello list,


I am on the lookout for a functional JS scrolling script a bit like this;




Godbless the guy that did this (Nathan Faubion > www.n-son.com
<http://www.n-son.com/> ) as it's the most solid skin-able JS scrollbar I
have seen to date. I can remember it not working somewhere however, maybe an
earlier version of safari (which I am going to test shortly).


Anyway, if anyone notices it not working as the GFX imply it should or uses
one that they would like to share please let me know! I hope this hasn't
been covered too many times before!


Many thanks,


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