[thelist] Many or More?

Peter Brunone (EasyListBox.com) peter at easylistbox.com
Thu Oct 12 11:55:11 CDT 2006

		   I've been writing web pages since the mid 1990s, and I've used tables in almost everything since the first year.  Not that I'm a worthy sample, but I don't think it's out of order to assume that more than 50% of pages are using tables.  Still, you can't go wrong with "many", though it doesn't quite make the same point...


				From: "Julian Rickards" julian.rickards at gmail.com


My editor has questioned a phrase I am using in my current book.

My statement is "most web pages created since the mid-1990's use tables for
layout" and she wonders if I should have written "many" instead of "most".

I don't think there is a way to quantify this statement (easily, that is) so
I am asking you, would you agree with "most" or "many"?


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