[thelist] building new box, hardware concerns

David Hamilton davidhamilton3 at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 12 16:00:12 CDT 2006

Struan Donald wrote:
> * at 10/10 14:23 -0500 dwain.alford at gmail.com said:
>> i'm going to build a new box and use linux as the os (ubuntu or fedora 
>> core 5).  i understand that different distros don't support certain 
>> hardware.  what advise or references to hardware for the different 
>> distros can you offer this first-time builder and linux user?
> No real specific advice other than shy away from bleeding edge
> hardware and anything obscure and you are usually fine.
> Things that are most likely to be a pain are wireless cards and
> graphics/sound cards so spend a bit of time checking that they are
> supported. 
> On the whole though linux hardware support is pretty good these days
> and it's been a while since I've not been able to get something to
> work.
> cheers
> Struan
I have to agree that hardware support has gotten a lot better. My two 
cents would be to go with ubuntu. You can try out their live cd to make 
sure everything works before you install it. On older laptops ie. ibm 
t20s, I've had much more luck getting wireless cards to work with ubuntu 
than I've had with fedora.
Again just my two cents

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