[thelist] Many or More?

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Thu Oct 12 15:36:44 CDT 2006

On Oct 10, 2006, at 11:09 PM, Julian Rickards wrote:

> My statement is "most web pages created since the mid-1990's use  
> tables for
> layout" and she wonders if I should have written "many" instead of  
> "most".
> I don't think there is a way to quantify this statement (easily,  
> that is) so
> I am asking you, would you agree with "most" or "many"?

Digging further into the semantic fray, I'm having a small issue with  
the first part: "most web pages created since the mid-1990's".  Most  
pages, or most designs?  If a page has gone through four redesigns,  
the first three of which used tables, are you counting that as three  
in one column and one in the other?

I would say "...most web page designs..." myself.  I think that's a  
pretty safe assumption considering the significant rise of CSS being  
a pretty recent occurrence....

If you do just go with "many", you might re-strengthen the point by  
saying something fluffy like "a great many".


Stephen Rider

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