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Have you tried using the MySQL client to connect? You'll need access to the server, either remote or locally. You can set it up so that you can access the MySQL via a different computer (you'll need mysql client installed, comes with MySQL, or you can grab it seperatly), or you ssh onto the server (assuming its linux, and you have access to it).

The syntax is (in the command line)

mysql -h <hostname - not needed if localhost> -u <username> -p
hit enter, and then it will ask for your password. Enter it, and if you get in, its a problem with your script. If you cant, its a problem with the user define on mysql.



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I think that my understanding of what goes on in MySQL -- how users
and permissions are managed -- is wrong.

In the mysql.user table, I have defined a user...

Host: localhost
Username: dba
Password: foo

...and granted all permissions to that user.

Next, I have added this to the mysql.db table...

Host: localhost
Db: test_db
User: dba

However, when I try to connect (via ADODB and PHP), I continue to get
this error:

Access denied for user 'dba'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I am trying to set this up through PHPMyAdmin, but I don't know if
that has anything to do with it. Usually, I have a control panel that
I am using that walks me through this. However, on this particular
site, the client is running their own server, sans a control panel.

Where am I going wrong?

Randal Rust
R.Squared Communications

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