[thelist] MySQL User Problem

Phil Turmel philip at turmel.org
Thu Oct 12 22:28:00 CDT 2006

Randal Rust wrote:
> On 10/12/06, Phil Turmel <philip at turmel.org> wrote:
>> 2) If you inserted the user on the mysql.user table, did you encrypt the
>> password column?
> That turned out to the be the problem. If I do the insert manually
> through phpmyadmin, the password does not get encrypted. I ended up
> using SQL to create the privileges, and now I can connect just fine.

Check the main page the next time you're using phpMyAdmin...  There's a
"Privileges" link there that displays and adjusts all the possible
privileges using the appropriate MySQL Grant syntax, so you should never
have to manually encrypt the password.  In fact, phpMyAdmin tries very
hard to keep you from ever needing to manipulate mysql.* tables
directly.  That's a Big Red Flag, as a careless DELETE or UPDATE could
wipe your root access.

(The main page being the one that shows just after logging in, where you
create new databases.)



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