[thelist] Javascript/CSS/Database solution?

Tim Palac tymartist at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 13 09:07:59 CDT 2006

Hey list,I've been asked to create a drop down menu set for my company and wanted your advice on a few things.First off, should I do the dropdowns as suckerfish or using DOM, or both?  What have people found to be most efficient?  Accessibility isn't a concern since if they had JavaScript disabled they would just have to click the menu button to see the sub menu for that area.Also, I'd like to find a way in which to make the content inside the dropdowns dynamic - is there a way to use the DOM to pull data from other web pages within the site (I'm not certain I have access to any database information in this case)?   Is this more of an Ajax functionality, or am I missing the boat all together :)Anyway, appreciate your feedback!www.timpalac.comIM me at TymArtist
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