[thelist] Freelanceer to merge with larger company - ideas please

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Oct 13 09:18:31 CDT 2006

Chris Dempsey noted:

>>I've been working essentially freelance for the past 5 years and have 
>>built up a reasonable client base.  I've been approached by a larger 
>>company who are considering asking me to join them - an option that 
>>is very attractive to me.

>>I'm due to sit down with them again in a few hours to discuss options 
>>for the merger and I could use some suggestions for what options I 
>>should be focusing on.  

Hi Chris!

Congratulations!  What a wonderful predicament to be in!  ;-)

Just a couple of suggestions:

* Remember that this is a contractual agreement.  You want a salary, add
a salary clause.  You want a bowl of green M&Ms, add in a green M&M
You're worried about being let go after they get their hands on your
base, write your 'golden parachute' clause ... "If I leave within 6
I get $xx.  If I leave after 6 months but before 12 months, I get $yy.

* [This is the tough one!] Figure out what you could live with and be
with as agreement terms and hold the line for those things. Company car?

Bottle of schnapps?  Never have to wear a tie, ever?  Figger out what's 
important to you.

* Explain to your lawyer what you expect the paperwork to commit each
to. Then have your lawyer review all of the paperwork and make sure it
what you think it does.



You *have* already picked your CPA's brain on what your business is
worth, right?

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