[thelist] Freelanceer to merge with larger company - ideas please

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		"yadda yadda yadda... off list."

That's cool, but be sure to share any nuggets of relevant wisdom with the rest of us!

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Sell off the client base for big bucks and ask for royalties from here
on out giving you a nice passive income and then you do whatever you
want. Start over, try something new, go play golf 7 days a week... email
me at robbiesmith79 at gmail dot com. I have some other comments and
questions off list.

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I've been working essentially freelance for the past 5 years and have
built up a reasonable client base. I've been approached by a larger
company who are considering asking me to join them - an option that is
very attractive to me.

Obviously this situation is a little different to than if I worked as a
web developer and simply wanted to change employer as I will be bringing
a client base that spends a fair bit of money each year into their

I'm due to sit down with them again in a few hours to discuss options
for the merger and I could use some suggestions for what options I
should be focusing on. 

My major concern is that I take paid employment and they drop me after a
few months and I loose my client base. What can I look for to give
myself some protection against this?

I guess I'm really looking for some ideas about what it would be
reasonable for me to ask for eg:

- Fixed salary plus percentage cut of the money my clients spend [this
was their initial suggestion]
- Them to buy my client base at a fixed price and I take a salary from
- I take a salary only but have option to retain my client base should I
ever leave or be asked to leave
- Any value to asking to be brought in as a director? [I'm not too clued
up on whether this would offer any value or security to myself]

All comments welcome.



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