[thelist] Many or More?

Brooking, John John.Brooking at sappi.com
Fri Oct 13 09:43:06 CDT 2006

OT: This reminds me of college. The computer center, which was in the
library basement, would hang scrap line-printer paper, clean side out,
inside the toilet stalls, so that the students could doodle while
sitting without defacing the walls. This also usually turned into an
anonymous discussion forum of sorts. Anytime someone wrote something
ungrammatical, by the next day it would be corrected, with an
explanation, signed "The Mad Grammarian - ha ha ha HA!" The identity of
the Mad Grammarian was the subject of some debate, but never established
with certainty, as far as I ever heard. But it was an entertaining

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- John (NOT the Mad Grammarian, but an admirer ;-) )

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