[thelist] Javascript/CSS/Database solution?

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Fri Oct 13 11:59:21 CDT 2006

> From: Tim Palac  
> lol Chris, the ironic thing about all this is that i have 
> your Beginning JavaScript with DOM book in front of me right 
> now (yes i bought it!)<br>I'm flipping through the Ajax 
> section, ironically Chapter 8, trying to find what I need 
> lol<br>When I say "accessibility is not a concern" what I 
> mean is that I have the accessibility part of it figured out, 
> and whether I use CSS or DOM is up in the air.<br>Thanks for 
> the links, I'll check them out and hopefully it works 
> out<br>Tim<br>By the way, sorry if this has tags or no 
> spacing, Hotmail is sort of lame and sent my email without 
> any spaces.<br>> Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2006 15:23:00 +0100> From: 
> codepo8> To: thelist at lists.evolt.org> Subject: Re: 
> [thelist] Javascript/CSS/Database solution?> > > Hey 
> list,I've been asked to create a drop down menu set for my <snip />

Grrr.  Not sure _what_ email client you're using, but a big block of text
without line breaks is obnoxious.  Inserting <br> in a plain-text message is
not helping a bit.  On top of this, your quoted reply of Chris' message left
his email address intact, which then gets presented to 1001 spambots a day
via thelist's publicly-accessible archive.  Probably he already gets a
million and one spam messages daily, but it's good practice to munge/remove
email addresses in quoted messages.

<tip type="Queued MySQL INSERTs" author="Max Schwanekamp">
One less-used but sometimes handy MySQL-specific SQL extension is the
DELAYED clause for INSERT.  This is especially useful for logging
applications, where you're simply recording events, and don't need to work
with the inserted row any further.  Writing to a log table (which is likely
to eventually get quite large) can be a slow operation When you use DELAYED,
the client (i.e. the db connection object your script is using) can continue
on immediately, without waiting for an OK from mysqld.  There of course
conditions and limits to its use, cf the docs

Max Schwanekamp

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