[thelist] Caught between a Forwarder and a Blacklist (bogus helo)

Ed McCarroll Ed at ComSimplicity.com
Fri Oct 13 13:21:19 CDT 2006

My client can't receive my emails because the service that provides
their spam blacklist says they've received "Bogus Helo" messages from
my host.

My host says they've been blacklisted because they provide auto-
forwarders, so if spam is sent to the forwarder, and then forwarded,
the eventual recipient sees it as coming from the forwarding host, as
opposed to the original spam-hole.

Googling for "bogus helo" finds a lot of discussion about how
spammers do generate bogus helos, but not much about what it is or if
it is legitimate in cases of autoforwarders.

Is it?

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