[thelist] What makes a good web site?

Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Sat Oct 14 21:16:36 CDT 2006

I guess I must be part of the lonely 20% because I will wait. I have seen
these or similar statistics before (and I have probably quoted something
similar too) but do we really know where they come from? At times, partly
because I don't fit within even the 80%, I wonder if these statistics have
become a form of urban myth.

This is not to suggest that download speed should take a different position
in the list, I just wonder whether people really leave as quickly as these
statistics suggest.


On 14/10/06, Ken Moore <psm2713 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, all
> Christian Heilmann wrote:
> >I've assembled a list of traits of successful sites/blogs
> IMHO, 95% of the usability of a site is in 3 thngs:
> Download speed
> Navigation
> Content
> And in that order. The first time on a site it needs to load quickly or
> they
> are gone. Half are gone in 6 or 7 second, 80% in 12 seconds. Once they are
> there, it better be easy to navagate. That is, it needs to be intuitive.
> Finally, it is content that keeps them coming back.
> Ken
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