[thelist] (how to stop) IE6 rendering before it has fully compiled

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Mon Nov 20 03:56:56 CST 2006

Hi folks,

Just uploaded a big site to external hosting, and as might be expected 
it now takes a couple of seconds for each page to load instead of instants.

This is a huge problem for IE6: I'm using 60Kb's worth of css (yeah, I 
know), with complex layouts depending on multiple measurement scales and 
all sorts of inter-div dependency, javascript that replaces markup on 
load, dozens of images etc. Based on this description you might call it 
an innately terrible site, but I'm past changing its nature now and I've 
got to find a fix for the central problem this poses, namely the fact 
that a pig's ear is made out of the design with IE trying to render 
before it has fully digested all the code it has to compile.

As it stands it renders things in weird layouts before bouncing them 
into place, images re-load, the whole thing flickers... It's an absolute 
animated eye-sore.

Does anyone know of any simple way to make IE wait til it has fully 
digested the content before prematurely displaying it?


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