[thelist] IE JavaScript issues?

Thomas Nilsson thomas.nilsson at framfab.com
Mon Nov 20 09:11:08 CST 2006

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>When attaching the JavaScript debugger, I can see the MSIE complains
>	hint = document.getElementById("hint");
>... why on earth? Testbed environment so far is MSIE 6.0, and according
to the manual I use
>(selfhtml ...), getElementById() should be perfect for post-5.5 IE's.
Or am I wrong on that?

(My mail server seems to have lost some recent messages, so this might
have been answered already. In that case, my apologies)

In Internet Explorer, "hint" is itself a reference to the element,
another (older and IE only) way of accessing elements. The code in your
example is trying to assign an element as a value to itself.

It's easily fixed by using another variable name, e.g.

	elmHint = document.getElementById("hint");


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