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Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Mon Nov 20 18:37:02 CST 2006


I am developing a web-based sports draw application using PHP and MYSQL.
After making a draw, I want to allocate times and courts.  When making an
allocation I want to display a drop down list showing only the available
time/court combinations, i.e. only those that remain unallocated.  This is
easy enough when the page is first served, but I want to try to keep track
in the browser window of the allocations made and those still available.
This is because the way someone would typically use this is that they would
display all of the draw, and allocated times and courts while viewing the
complete page.  They might choose to enter all of the time/court details, or
they might do some and come back later to do some more.    When the
allocations have been made and the form is uploaded, the allocations would
be entered into the database.  The next time this page is displayed, the
updated data would be displayed and the user could then continue to
allocated any matched not yet allocated.  Again only the available
time/court combinations would be shown. I have never used Javascript, but is
this what I would need to use.



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