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Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Fri Nov 24 00:36:19 CST 2006

> Gee, Joel, I thought my review was the most valuable.

> I will also help you revise your written content, if you 
> simply email me and
> request it. Email me directly and I'll be sure to notice it.

we'll talk

> You boys quit fussing now. You both is cool. I. Have. Spoken.

we can do that :) 

apologies for temporarily lowering SNR. consider this an IOU for a tip,
should such occur to me.

thanks to all who took what was clearly considerable time and effort to
review and comment on the site. I have plenty to think about, and need
to make sure my intense paternal feelings for this particular site don't
get in the way of good advice. lots and lots of it.


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