[thelist] The quagmire of CMS

Casey Crookston caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com
Mon Apr 23 09:07:52 CDT 2007

I know this is a frequent question, and I apologize for re-hashing.  If
there are email archives someone can point me to, I'd be happy to comb
through them.  I'm looking for some Content Management System advice....
We're on the hunt for something we can offer our clients.  We've been
using DotNetNuke, but the lack of support is maddening, and is to the
point that it's a show-stopper.  Our list of requirements is not too


-          Needs to be in .NET with source code available for mods

-          At bare minimum, it needs to give the end user the ability to
edit text and manage navigation (add, edit pages)

-          Must have a commercial company behind it who will answer the
phone and offer support. 

-          We are willing to pay, but the price tag should be
reasonable. Several hundred or even over $1,000 is ok, but some of the
solutions for $10,000+ are not an option.  Per server licenses are
always better then per site.


There are SOO many option out there, some look promising, many don't.
Any actual experience by someone on this list would be very valuable.


Thanks! Casey

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