[thelist] (OpenSource) Flash for making graphs

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Tue Apr 24 03:46:39 CDT 2007

Hi there,

was googling around for some time on the search for some - hopefully  
opensource - libs that would enable a more dynamic display of x,y- 
graphs. For the moment, I use jpgraph. But as Flash is becoming more  
and more popular, seeing the interactivity and dynamism that Flash  
offers, I thought about taking the leap...

Do you know of anything out there which is more advanced than some  
fancy-but-useless "dynamic display", where you can see how bars are  
being build up? Something where for example in a scatter graph with  
two variables one can display the change over time? Style gapminder?  
Where one can easily change the variable of one of the axis? etc...

Thanks for any hints.

Don't know if this matters, but backend programming would be in PHP.

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