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Steven Pierce steven.pierce at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 10:48:11 CDT 2007


I agree.. I do a conference most years (ApacheCon) that we do survey's at
the end of
the conference.  I am the one that puts the data together.  It is amazing
how many do
not even fill in the sheets.  With a chance to win a free stay at the next
show.  Or they
do only what is needed.  They write so bad that you can not even read it.

With the IBM and HP site's, I only go to them when I need something
(Drivers, etc) and
so like most I just click out of the screen.  The other one that I have seen
that I am
not really good about filling in, is the one at the bottom of the page, did
this search
meet your requirements.

I hope that the guy that asked original question is showing the responce to
his boss.
To show that they are NOT used.


On 4/24/07, Mark Howells <webdev at mountain.ch> wrote:
> > If I remember right, IBM and HP keep showing a floating 'div'
> > throughout all pages asking "Please help us and tell how was your
> > experience..?". I don't know how often they do that, but that's what
> > I've seen. Seems an interesting approach.
> It's be interesting to see how many people actually bother filling in
> these questionnaires. Most of the people I know hate them, click them
> away, and (in many cases) don't return to the site in question as
> they feel they're being harassed.
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