[thelist] The quagmire of CMS

Christie Mason cmason at managersforum.com
Tue Apr 24 16:03:52 CDT 2007

Sorry,  but I think of Captivate like this -  Captivate=Flash= ICK.

Isn't dynamic content the main driver for using a CMS?  Put your content
into a db and then call and present as needed.  Navigation is dynamic,
content is dynamic, content is separate from the presentation.  Graphics are
reusable, only need to be edited in one place then reuploaded and you're
done.  Versioning and permissions are two other areas where Flash dependent
sites struggle.

Try changing a logo image in a Flash dependent site, I have and it was a
horror.  Or, think about a scenario where the organization changes it's
corporate colors.   Or new product images are produced. Plus, even though
navigation can be dynamically generated for Flash dependent sites, most of
the time it's not.  Also SEO and bookmarking issues.

Christie Mason

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