[thelist] A VERY basic VS 2005 Question

Casey Crookston caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com
Tue Apr 24 17:28:57 CDT 2007

In trying to solve another issue, I have seen several posts at the MSDN
forums which mention the Project Designer in Visual Studio 2005.  For

*	In Solution Explorer, from the Project Menu, Click Properties.
*	 In the Project Designer click the Signing Tab.


*	Using Visual Studio 2005
*	In the Solution Explorer, Right click on the project.
*	Select the tab "Compile" from Project Designer

I am unable to make any sense out of these instructions.  I wish I could
post pictures to give you a visual, but w/o that, I'll do my best to
describe what or why I can't seem to follow these simple instructions.

>From within the Solution Explorer, I don't see any "Project Menu."
Where, exactly, is this found?  I can right click on the project, but
then there is no "Properties" option.  There is, however, a "Property
Pages" option when I right click, but this does not open anything that
looks like it might be a Project Designer.  It opens a box called, big
surprise, "Property Pages."  On the left is a tree-view box (no tabs in
sight) with the following options: References, Build, Accessibility,
Start Options, and MSBuild Options.

What am I doing wrong here?  I suspect when I find the answer I'm going
to feel silly, but in the mean time, there seems to be some settings I
REALLY need to get to, but can't.

Any help?



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